John Berg, M.Ed., CRC, CDMS, ABVE.

John Berg completed a Masters degree in May 1977 and has practiced in vocational counseling since. He holds three national certifications reciprocal in all States and is a Board Certified Vocational Expert. Mr. Berg has been on faculty in a state community college as a career advisor over four years, worked in outpatient mental health services and in the private sector of vocational rehabilitation since 1981.

John is also an experienced, "case hardened" litigation expert. Testimony has been accepted in courts including Social Security (HEW), Federal, and State courts from Alaska to Louisiana, Washington, Oregon, and California to Hawaii. Testimony includes vocational capacity or incapacity and economic loss calculations for earnings capacity or loss issues

Mr. Berg’s litigation experience allows him to handle file management and client information and development with sensitivity to discovery issues and trial of contested claims. Mr. Berg is able to support his conclusions and analyses under cross-examination in both vocational and economic loss matters. He is calm, cool, and collected; with a demeanor and composure that gives him credibility at every stage of the proceedings.

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John Berg